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Commercial kebab machine has a fame in the worldwide. You know that most of people never give up eating It. It is so delicious, you can easly obtain It, and also the demand for it is very high.
That’s why most of business want to have It to earn more income. In addition to that Its size and model cahanges according to year of manufacture. That is to say the last word of Its is better than the others type of It. Also that models have more feature, and some of them some of them are highly technological.

Product Features

Kebab machine is oen of the most wonderful machine. Its size, sight, and type is different from the other machine which is used in the kitchen. You can come across many different size of It. If you have a small business, you can prefer smaller type of It. In the some of model Of Its have an iron bar, and they are not in a horizontal position but in an upright position. On the other hand the other type of Its is similar with grated stove. That is to say you can put the kebab skewers on the grill. However in the other type of Its, you use an iron bar to cook kebab.

Double Commercial Kebab Machine Gas

Double commercial kebab machine gas is one of the most popular type of It. Especially, ın the big restaurants It is so useful. Because you can cook double kebab at the same time. That’s why you do not have any problem about fulfilling orders to customers. At the same time the are a lot of different choices to buy It. However Industrial Kitchen Equipment commercial is the first place that comes to mind. If you prefer Industrial Kitchen Equipment commercial you will not regret.

Automatic Kebab Machine

Description: Our Adana and Urfa kebab skewer machine skewers 1 kebab in 4 seconds.
  • * With our mini model, 100 gr. You can skewer kebab until
  • * Zigea kebab skewer (swelling) is completely made of chrome. Steel material and all the parts used are fully food compatible and have health certificates.
  • * Our services, after-sales technical service spare parts supply. Usage training, how to disassemble, wash and reassemble information training.
  • * Although our product guaranteed for 2 years. There is a spare part repair guarantee for 10 years.

This machine is very easy and convenient to use after use.

When making kebab, the kebab has a minimum of hands, it consists of developing products (kebob), which provides a lot of benefits.
  • Kebab load from 50 gr to 90 gr
  • Some of the kitchens called this machine or “mini kebab machine”.
  • Shish kebab with minced meat is a difficult food.
  • The meat will be glued onto the skewer in such a way that it does not spill ie into the for cooking.
  • It can be used by the machine and the real user.
  • Which kebabs are made by this machine: Adana kebab, Urfa kebab and meatball (kofta) kebab from Greek..

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