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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Kebab Machine

Our company, which has been operating in the field of industrial kitchen and food machinery for many years and institutionalized under the name of Industrial Kitchen Equipment COMMERCIAL, has expanded its service area throughout the country (England) and abroad, which has adopted the principle of converting its earnings into investment in industrial kitchen equipment and food machinery.
Sales engineers with many years of experience in the UK market can offer you not only specialized machinery such as material preparation, forming and packaging machines, but also consulting services including local recipe, staff distribution and production flow. Our unique Kebab machines produce solutions for you.

Our company supplies Industrial Kitchen Equipment and auxiliary materials to Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Fast Food, Cafeteria, Patisserie, Social Facilities, Hospital, Factory, Ship, Laboratory, Research and Development Departments and Ice Shops. Our company, which offers quality, aesthetic and cost-effective solutions together, has the opportunities to successfully conclude projects of any size.
We would like to thank you, our valued customers, who have kept the name Industrial Kitchen Equipment COMMERCIAL among the best since its establishment, and we are working without any restrictions to serve you in the best way, as it has been until today, and we are happy to see your support in this process.
Our company, which registered its quality with 2 different awards in 2020, is growing day by day with the Superior Quality Award 2018 in the UK and the Diplomaten Dmw International 2018 Quality Award, with hundreds of domestic and foreign dealers and thousands of customers spreading all over the world from Anatolia. is advancing with firm steps and determination to become a brand.

We are a business that sells all kinds of kitchen equipment you can think of. As Kebab Machines, we have all kinds of kitchen equipment sales. Gas Kebab Machines, Electric Kebab Machines and Manual Kebab Machines are already available.

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